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Daniel ben Ya’acov Ysrael

Traditional eschatology regarding the plan of redemption of YHWH is known as the First coming of Mashiach during the Spring Feasts, while the second coming is believed to occur during the Fall Feast.
In this paper, I will present a new interpretation on the eschatological view of the time of redemption and the Millennium.
Please before everything, be patient and read to the end, before bringing your opinion or even to judge me. I have been among those who have followed many “so called teachers” and fall into their biased view of the lasts days’ eschatology.
I will agree with many that the Feast are a shadow of the time line redemption of mankind, but no more as it is presented by the majority of believers.
You will know that I am convinced that Mashiach will return, not as many believe during the 7th month but during the spring season. This paper will explain why and explain what is about to pass during the fall season.
First some explanation, I have posted recently in my Facebook a short commentary based on the lunar calendar, the only calendar Yehovah is using to count time.
Quote from my Facebook posting:
Did you know that the Nazis organized the terrible evil "Cristal Night" plan which initiated WWII, on the 9th - 10th of November 1938?
Now look at the picture below, it was in the HEBREW CALENDAR, and happened just AFTER YOM KIPPUR from the Hebrew calendar.
In the year 1938, the First month started in the Hebrew calendar March 31, and YOM KIPPUR was on November 2nd.
The picture below show that in this year, Yom Kippur falls just before the “Cristal Night”, the night the Nazis used to accuse the Jews of destroying the “Reichstag” Building, just before the season of joy (Succoth).
Don’t think that I am sarcastic, because nobody can have even a smile on this calamity, but for history sake, I would like to bring in remembrance that during the destruction of the Temple in 70CE by Titus, more than 1 Million (1 000 000) Jews were killed by the Romans. Nobody today remember them!

Again, it is of importance to understand that the Calendar of YHWH start after the vernal equinox (tekufah). With this in mind we understand better the dating, based on the Roman pagan calendar
Second important point, majority of people believe today that the book of Revelation is a last day events and ignore what it is really written, they like to connect the book of Daniel and Revelation to mingle the prophecies. For my concern, I believe that Daniel is a past event in many points, and what is to come is written for the sake of the believers partly in Revelation, but not as it is presented by the many.
First reason: Many things had to come shortly after the message was delivered.
Rev 1:1  Revelation of יהושע Messiah, which Elohim gave Him to show His servants what has to take place with speed. And He signified it by sending His messenger to His servant Yoḥanan,
Rev 1:1  A revelation of Jesus Christ, that God gave to him, to shew to his servants what things it behoveth to come to pass quickly; and he did signify it , having sent through his messenger to his servant John,
Rev 1:1  A revelation of Jesus Christ, that God gave to him, to shew to his servants what things it behoveth to come to pass quickly; and he did signify it , having sent through his messenger to his servant John,
Rev 1:1  The Revelation of Yeshua HaMashiach, which Elohim  (God) gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John:

Rev 4:1
  After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter.
Rev 4:1  After these things I saw, and lo, a door opened in the heaven, and the first voice that I heard is as of a trumpet speaking with me, saying, `Come up hither, and I will shew thee what it behoveth to come to pass after these things;'
Rev 4:2  and immediately I was in the Spirit, and lo, a throne was set in the heaven, and upon the throne is one sitting,

Rev 8:12  And the fourth angel trumpeted. And the third part of the sun, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars, was struck, that the third part of them might be darkened, and the third part of the day might not appear; and in the same way the night.
Rev 8:13  And I saw, and I heard one angel flying in mid-heaven, saying with a great voice, Woe! Woe! Woe to those dwelling on the earth, from the rest of the voices of the trumpet of the three angels being about to trumpet!

Rev 9:12  The first Woe is past (past verbal from): behold, there come yet two Woes hereafter.
Rev 9:13  And the sixth angel sounded, and I heard a voice from the horns of the golden altar which is before God,
Rev 9:12  The first woe did go (past verb) forth, lo, there come yet two woes after these things.

Rev 9:13  And the sixth messenger did sound, and I heard a voice out of the four horns of the altar of gold that is before God,
Rev 9:14  saying to the sixth messenger who had the trumpet, `Loose (on the spot) the four messengers who are bound at the great river Euphrates;'
Rev 9:12  The first woe has departed; behold, after these things come two woes.
Rev 9:13  And the sixth angel trumpeted (past). And I heard one voice out of the four horns of the golden altar before God,
Rev 9:14  saying to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, Release (present) the four angels, those having been bound at the great river Euphrates.
Are this events to come or already past?

Another view:
A bit more:
Rev 17:3  And he carried me away into a desert, by the Spirit. And I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast, filled with names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.
Rev 17:4  And the woman was clothed in purple and scarlet, and being gilded with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominations and unclean things of her fornication.
Rev 17:5  And on her forehead was a name having been written: Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of the Harlots and of the Abominations of the Earth.
Rev 17:6  And I saw the woman being drunk from the blood of the saints, and from the blood of the witnesses of Jesus. And I marveled, seeing her, with a great marveling.
Rev 17:7  And the angel said to me, Why did you marvel? I will tell you the mystery of the woman, and of the beast supporting her, the one having the seven heads and the ten horns.
Rev 17:8  The beast which you saw was, and is not, and is about to come up out of the abyss, and goes to perdition. And those dwelling on the earth will marvel, the ones whose names have not been written on the Book of Life from the foundation of the world, seeing the beast, that it was a thing, and is not, yet now is.
Rev 17:9  Here is the mind having wisdom: the seven heads are seven mountains, where the woman sits on them.
Rev 17:10  And the kings are seven. The five fell, and the one is, and the other has not yet come. And when he does come, he must remain a little.
Rev 17:11  And the beast which was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goes to perdition.
Rev 17:12  And the ten horns you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but will receive authority as kings one hour with the beast.
Rev 17:13  These have one mind, and their power and authority they shall give up to the beast.

Rev 17:14  These will make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb will overcome them, because He is Lord of lords and King of kings, and the ones with Him are the called and elect and faithful ones.
Rev 17:15  And he says to me, The waters which you saw, where the harlot sits, are peoples and crowds and nations and tongues.
Rev 17:16  And the ten horns which you saw on the beast, these will hate the harlot, and will make her desolated and naked. And they will eat her flesh, and will burn her down with fire.
Rev 17:17  For God gave into their hearts to do His mind, and to act in one mind, and to give their kingdom to the beast, until the Words of God shall be fulfilled.
Rev 17:18  And the woman whom you saw is the great city, having a kingdom over the kings of the earth.

Question: Is Rome (papacy) a great city? You answer!
QUESTION: Where and when in the TaNaHk (Torah, writtings and prophet) and in history the pope has been called a "prophet" (Rev. 16:13, 19:20, 20:10)

Rev 19:1And after these things, I heard a great voice of a large multitude in Heaven, saying, Hallelujah! The salvation and the glory and the honor and the power of the Lord our God!
Rev 19:2 For true and righteous are His judgments, because He judged the great harlot who defiled the earth with her fornication. And He avenged the blood of His slaves out of her hand.
Rev 19:3 And a second time they said, Hallelujah! Also her smoke goes up to the ages of the ages.
Rev 19:4 And the twenty four elders, and the four living creatures fell down and worshiped God sitting on the throne, saying, Amen! Hallelujah!
Rev 19:5 And a voice came out from the throne, saying, Praise our God, all His slaves, and the ones fearing Him, the small and the great.
Rev 19:6 And I heard as a sound of a numerous crowd, and as a sound of many waters, and as a sound of strong thunders, saying, Hallelujah! Because the Lord God Almighty reigned.
Rev 19:7 Let us rejoice and let us exult, and we will give glory to Him, because the marriage of the Lamb came, and His wife prepared herself.
Rev 19:8  And it was given to her that she be clothed in fine linen, pure and bright; for the fine linen is the righteousness of the saints.
Rev 19:9 And he says to me, Write: Blessed are the ones having been called to the supper of the marriage of the Lamb. And he says to me, These Words of God are true.
Rev 19:10 And I fell before his feet to worship him, but he said to me, Behold! Stop! I am a fellow-slave of yours, and of your brothers, having the testimony of Yehoshua. Worship God. For the testimony of Yehoshua is the spirit of prophecy.
Rev 19:11 And I saw Heaven being opened. And, behold! A white horse, and He sitting on it having been called Faithful and True, and He judges and wars in righteousness.
Rev 19:12 And His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on His head many diadems, having a name that had been written, which no one knows except Himself;
Rev 19:13 and having been clothed in a garment which had been dipped in blood. And His name is called The Word of God.
Rev 19:14 And the armies in Heaven followed Him on white horses, being dressed in fine linen, white and pure.
Rev 19:15 And out of His mouth goes forth a sharp sword, that with it He might smite the nations. And He will shepherd them with an iron rod. And He treads the winepress of the wine of the anger and of the wrath of God Almighty.
Rev 19:16  And He has on His garment and on His thigh a name having been written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.
Rev 19:17 And I saw one angel standing in the sun. And he cried with a great voice, saying to all the birds flying in mid-heaven, Come and gather together to the supper of the great God,
Rev 19:18  that you may eat the flesh of kings, and the flesh of chiliarchs, and the flesh of strong ones, and the flesh of horses, and of the ones sitting on them, and the flesh of all, both freemen and slaves, even of the small and great.
Rev 19:19 And I saw the beast and the kings of the earth, and their armies being assembled to make war with the One sitting on the horse, and with His army.
Rev 19:20  And the beast was seized, and with this one the false prophet doing signs before it, by which he led astray those having received the mark of the beast, and those worshiping its image. The two were thrown alive into the Lake of Fire burning with brimstone.
Rev 19:21 And the rest were killed with the sword of the One sitting on the horse, the sword having gone forth from His mouth. And all the birds were filled from their flesh.

Changing of time period:

Rev 20:1 And I saw an angel coming down out of Heaven, having the key of the abyss, and a great chain on his hand.
Rev 20:2 And he laid hold of the dragon, the old serpent who is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years,
Rev 20:3  and threw him into the abyss, and shut him up, and sealed over him, that he should not still lead astray the nations, until the thousand years are fulfilled. And after these things, he must be set loose a little time.
Rev 20:4 And I saw thrones, and they sat on them. And judgment was given to them, and the souls of the ones having been beheaded because of the witness of Yehoshua, and because of the Word of God, and who had not worshiped the beast nor its image, and had not received the mark on their forehead and on their hand. And they lived and reigned with Mssiah a thousand years.
Rev 20:5  But the rest of the dead did not live again until the thousand years were ended. This is the first resurrection.
Rev 20:6  Blessed and holy is the one having part in the first resurrection. The second death has no authority over these, but they will be priests of God and of Christ, and will reign with Him a thousand years.
Rev 20:7  And whenever the thousand years are ended, Satan will be set loose out of his prison,
Rev 20:8  and he will go to mislead the nations in the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to assemble them in war, whose number is as the sand of the sea.
Rev 20:9  And they went up over the breadth of the land and encircled the camp of the saints, and the beloved city. And fire from God came down out of Heaven and burned them down.
Rev 20:10  And the Devil leading them astray was thrown into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet were. And they were tormented day and night to the ages of the ages.
Rev 20:11  And I saw a Great White Throne, and the One sitting on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled; and a place was not found for them.
Rev 20:12  And I saw the dead, the small and the great, standing before God. And books were opened. And another Book was opened, which is the Book of Life. And the dead were judged out of the things written in the books, according to their works.
Rev 20:13  And the sea gave up the dead in it. And death and hell gave up the dead in them. And they were each judged according to their works.
Rev 20:14  And death and hell were thrown into the Lake of Fire. This is the second death.
Rev 20:15  And if anyone was not found having been written in the Book of Life, he was thrown into the Lake of Fire.

When the First resurrection does occur?
First we should know as the different verses tell us, that “tribulation” started just after the departure of Yehoshua HaMashiach.
The death of Ya’acov HaTzadik (James) brought the irreversible downfall and way out from repentance, which had for apogee the destruction of the Temple in 70CE by Titus.

Mat 24:29 and immediately after the affliction (tribulations) of those days the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give her light, and the stars will fall from the heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.
Mat 24:30 and then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the heavens. And then all the tribes of the land will wail. And they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and much glory. Dan. 7:13
Mat 24:31 and He will send His angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they will gather His elect from the four winds, from the ends of the heavens to their ends.

(John 11:24 [KJV])
Martha saith unto him, I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day.

(Phil 3:11 [KJV])
If by any means I might attain unto the resurrection of the dead.
(1Pet 1:3 [NRKJV])
Blessed be the El and Father of our Master Yehoshua the Messiah, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Yehoshua the Messiah from the dead,

(Rev 20:6 [NRKJV])
Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of יהוה and of Messiah, and shall reign with him a thousand years.

Now before going a step further, let see what Yehoshua says in the same book of Revelation :
Rev 22:8  And I, John, was the one seeing and hearing these things. And when I heard and saw, I fell down to worship before the feet of the angel showing me these things.
Rev 22:9  And he said to me, Behold! Stop! For I am your fellow-slave, and of your brothers the prophets, and of the ones keeping the Words of this Book. Do worship to God.
Rev 22:10  And he said to me, Do not seal the Words of the prophecy of this Book, because the time is near.
Rev 22:11  The one acting unjustly, let him still act unjustly; and the filthy, let him still be filthy; and the righteous, let him still do righteousness; and the holy, let him still be holy.
Rev 22:12  And, behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to each as his work is.

After the chapter 19 we have chapter 21 and 22 who show another aspect of this book:
Rev 21:1  And I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth passed away, and the sea no longer is.
Rev 21:2  And I, John, saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of Heaven from God, having been prepared as a bride, having been adorned for her Husband.
Rev 21:3  And I heard a great voice out of Heaven, saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God with men! And He will tabernacle with them, and they will be His people, and God Himself will be with them as their God.

Rev 22:3  And every curse will no longer be. And the throne of God and the Lamb will be in it; and His slaves will serve Him.
Rev 22:4  And they will see His face; and His name will be on their foreheads.

Rev 22:5  And night will not be there; and they have no need of a lamp or a light of the sun, because the Yehovah Elohim will illumine them. And they shall reign to the ages of the ages.

Let me now explain a concept which is not what we understand today:

“the ages of the ages”, sometime translated as:
-        Forever and ever
-        Forevermore
The Greek word is “aion”
G165 αἰών aion (ai-own') n.
1. (properly) an age
2. (by extension) perpetuity (also past)
3. (by implication) the world
4. (specially, Jewish) a Messianic period (present or future)

Today we understand the word « forever » to be an unlimited time without end!
Not so in Hebrew understanding.
H5769 עוֹלָם עוֹלָם `owlam (o-lawm') (or lolam {o-lawm'}) n-m.
1. (properly) concealed, i.e. the vanishing point
2. (generally) time out of mind (past or future)
3. (practically) eternity
4. (frequentatively, adverbially, especially with prepositional prefix) always
עָלַם `alam (aw-lam') v.
1.    to veil from sight, i.e. conceal (literally or figuratively
Designing a long period of time, in Hebrew understanding the “age” can represent 2000 years.
So when somebody tells you that “forever” is always and without end, be careful what you are reading. The word actually refers more to a very long period until it vanishes out of our mind or from the generation’s mind. The context will determine what is behind he word “forever”.

With that in mind we will now look at the Fall Feast.
If you have read my paper concerning the returning of Mashiach during Shavuot (see the link above), we will have now to understand why it is so.
A careful inspection of the scriptures will give us some important clues concerning Succoth, the Feast of Tabernacle:
(Deut 16:13 [KJV])
Thou shalt observe the feast of tabernacles seven days, after that thou hast gathered in thy corn and thy wine:

(Exod 23:16 [KJV])
And the feast of harvest, the firstfruits of thy labours, which thou hast sown in the field: and the feast of ingathering, which is in the end of the year (Tekufah/Equinox), when thou hast gathered in thy labours out of the field.
This particular Feast take place at the Tekufah (Equinox) season after the gathering of the fruits, and not before.
At the End of the Feast of Succoth remains one special day:

(Lev 23:39 [NRKJV])
Also in the fifteenth day of the seventh month, when ye have gathered in the fruit of the land, ye shall keep a feast unto יהוה seven days: on the first day shall be a Sabbath, and on the eighth day shall be a Sabbath.

(Lev 23:40 [NRKJV])
And ye shall take you on the first day the boughs of goodly trees, branches of palm trees, and the boughs of thick trees, and willows of the brook; and ye shall rejoice before יהוה your Elohim seven days.

(Lev 23:41 [NRKJV])
And ye shall keep it a feast unto יהוה seven days in the year. It shall be a statute for ever in your generations: ye shall celebrate it in the seventh month.

(Lev 23:42 [NRKJV])
Ye shall dwell in booths seven days; all that are Israelites born shall dwell in booths:

(Lev 23:43 [NRKJV])
That your generations may know that I made the children of Israel to dwell in booths, when I brought them out of the land of Egypt: I am יהוה your Elohim.

(Lev 23:44 [NRKJV])
And Moses declared unto the children of Israel the feasts of יהוה.

For those keeping YHWH calendar, the Lunar Shabbat they will have no problem to see how perfect is YHWH’ commandment.

The first day of Succoth fall every year on the Full Moon, the 15 of the Lunar month, thus De Facto the 8th days is also the Shabbat (22nd of the month) and the conclusion of the Feast of Succoth with an extra day which is a picture of the “Olam HaBa” the life after the Millennium.

Most f Christian bibles translate this way
(Ps 81:3 [KJV])
Blow up the trumpet in the new moon, in the time appointed, on our solemn feast day.

More accurate is following :

(Ps 81:3 [ESV2011])
Blow the trumpet at the new moon, at the full moon, on our feast day.

(Ps 81:3 [ISV])
Blow the ram’s horn when there is a New Moon, when there is a full moon, on our festival day,

Indeed the Full moon is a Shabbat day. This psalm 81 was written for the deliverance of the Children of Ysrael from the bondage of Mitzrayim (Egypt)
(Ps 81:4 [NRKJV])
For this was a statute for Israel, and a law of the Elohim of Jacob.

(Ps 81:5 [NRKJV])
This he ordained in Joseph for a testimony, when he went out through the land of Egypt: where I heard a language that I understood not.

(Ps 81:6 [NRKJV])
I removed his shoulder from the burden: his hands were delivered from the pots.

(Ps 81:7 [NRKJV])
Thou calledst in trouble, and I delivered thee; I answered thee in the secret place of thunder: I proved thee at the waters of Meribah. Selah.
We know that the children of Ysrael left Egypt during the Full moon.

 I have shown in the beginning of this paper that in 1938 was the beginning of the WWII with the beginning of the extermination of many of the Jewish people, BUT not only; this war caused more than 60 millions people’s life. When twenty years before, during WWI (14-18), almost 10 million people died.
WWII started with the “Cristal night” during the Yom Kippur on Yehovah’s calendar.

What are the Fall Feasts?

I explain that this day is a day of alarm, to inform the people that something is coming. In fact ten days later is Yom Kippur. Here also in my paper:
I explain the dual view of Yom Kippur, for the one atonement, for the others judgment. Yom Kippur is the day the world will be judged. The believers are not to be judged as we have already undergone our judgment as explained by Sha’ul and Kefa:
(2Thess 1:3 [NRKJV])
We are bound to thank יהוה always for you, brethren, as it is meet, because that your faith groweth exceedingly, and the charity of every one of you all toward each other aboundeth;

(2Thess 1:4 [NRKJV])
So that we ourselves glory in you in the assemblies of יהוה for your patience and faith in all your persecutions and tribulations that ye endure:

(2Thess 1:5 [NRKJV])
Which is a manifest token of the righteous judgment of יהוה, that ye may be counted worthy of the kingdom of יהוה, for which ye also suffer:

(1Pet 4:17 [NRKJV])
For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of יהוה: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of יהוה?

Judgment on the House of Ysrael started after the departure of Yehoshua (tribulation).

(2Thess 2:13 [NRKJV])
But we are bound to give thanks alway to יהוה for you, brethren beloved of the Master, because יהוה hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth:

(1Thess 5:9 [NRKJV])
For יהוה hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Master Yehoshua the Messiah,

The wrath of Elohim will fall upon the ungodly, those who reject the truth.

Are you surprised? Have you read that this particular Feast take place only after the harvest has been finished?
What represent the number seven?
(Gen 2:1 [NRKJV])
Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them.

(Gen 2:2 [NRKJV])
And on the seventh day Elohim ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made.

The seven day is the day of rest (Shabbat)
(Exod 20:8 [NRKJV])
Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.

(Exod 20:9 [NRKJV])
Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work:

(Exod 20:10 [NRKJV])
But the seventh day is the Sabbath of יהוה thy Elohim: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates:

The shabbat is also a shadow of the Millennium reign of Mashiach:

(Heb 4:3 [NRKJV])
For we which have believed do enter into rest, as he said, As I have sworn in my wrath, if they shall enter into my rest: although the works were finished from the foundation of the world.

(Heb 4:4 [NRKJV])
For he spake in a certain place of the seventh day on this wise, And Elohim did rest the seventh day from all his works.

(Heb 4:5 [NRKJV])
And in this place again, If they shall enter into my rest.

(Heb 4:6 [NRKJV])
Seeing therefore it remaineth that some must enter therein, and they to whom it was first preached entered not in because of unbelief:

(Heb 4:7 [NRKJV])
Again, he limiteth a certain day, saying in David, To day, after so long a time; as it is said, To day if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts.

(Heb 4:8 [NRKJV])
For if Joshua had given them rest, then would he not afterward have spoken of another day.

(Heb 4:9 [NRKJV])
There remaineth therefore a rest (Shabbat) to the people of Elohim.

(Heb 4:10 [NRKJV])
For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as יהוה did from his.

The verse 9 used the word :
G4520 σαββατισμός sabbatismos (sab-bat-is-mos') n.
1. a "sabbatism"
2. (figuratively) the repose

From :
G4521 σάββατον sabbaton (sab'-bat-on) n.
1. the Sabbath (i.e. Shabbath)
2. a day of weekly repose from secular avocations
3. the observance or institution itself
We see how believer have a great expectation in the 1000 years of Shabbat.

The seventh month is a shadow of things to come at the end of the age

The eight days of Succoth is called “shemini atzereth”.
The sages interpreted this to mean that God asks all who made pilgrimage for Sukkot to tarry (atzeret), which comes from the Hebrew root word meaning "to hold back" with Him one additional day.
(Num 29:35 [NRKJV])
On the eighth day ye shall have a solemn assembly: ye shall do no servile work therein:

This 8th day is a picture of the « Olam Haba », the eternal life as we have seen in revelation 21 when Yehovah will dwell among His people.

Mashiach return at Shavuot to take his bride (see my post), Yom Teruah herald the coming of judgment, before Succoth come the last gathering from among the nations* those who have repented before Yom Kippur. Believers at this time are not among the pagans.
Deu 33:13  And of Yosĕph he said, “Blessed of יהוה is his land, with the choicest from the heavens, with the dew, and the deep lying beneath,
Deu 33:14  with the choice fruits of the sun, with the choice yield of the months,
Deu 33:15  with the finest of the ancient mountains, with the choicest of the everlasting hills,
Deu 33:16  with the choicest of the earth and all that fills it, and the good pleasure of Him who dwelt in the bush. Let it come on the head of Yosĕph, and on the crown of the head of him who was separate from his brothers.
Deu 33:17  “His splendour is like a first-born bull, and his horns are like the horns of the wild ox. With them he pushes the peoples to the ends of the earth. And they are the ten thousands of Ephrayim, and they are the thousands of Menashsheh.”
Ephraïm has filled the earth with his seed. Now still many need to repent and leave their idolatry and false belief, to enter the household of Elohim. The year will soon come that the trumpet (alarm) will sound at Yom Teruah, after that the door will be closed.
Jas_5:7  (KJV)  Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Master. Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain*.
  • *Early and later rain refer directly to fall and spring time, thus directly with abundance.
(Deut 11:13 [NRKJV])
And it shall come to pass, if ye shall hearken diligently unto my commandments which I command you this day, to love יהוה your Elohim, and to serve him with all your heart and with all your soul,

(Deut 11:14 [NRKJV])
That I will give you the rain of your land in his due season, the first rain and the latter rain, that thou mayest gather in thy corn (Spring), and thy wine (Fall), and thine oil (Olive/Fall).

(Hos 6:1 [NRKJV])
Come, and let us return (repentance/Shuv) unto יהוה: for he hath torn, and he will heal us; he hath smitten, and he will bind us up.

(Hos 6:2 [NRKJV])
After two days (End of the time of Mashiach*) will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up (resurrection), and we shall live in his sight.
*Not the Millennium
(Hos 6:3 [NRKJV])
Then shall we know, if we follow on to know יהוה: his going forth is prepared as the morning; and he shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth.

Baruch HaShem Yehovah !

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